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Menopause cause irregular periods
Irregular periods are a ubiquitous sign of approaching menopause. You'll probably begin having unpredictable periods and even skip some for as long as 2 or 3 years
Menopause Cause Heavy Periods or Menorrhagia
Changes in your menstrual cycle are often the first sign of approaching menopause.
Menopause cause breast lumps and tender breasts
Breast lumps are very common in women, and it may appear to be more common or prominent as we grow older.
Menopause and Heart Palpitations
Some women experience heart palpitations during menopause. Although this can be frightening and uncomfortable, a racing heart does not usually indicate heart disease.
Menopause and Period
Most women experience some form of discomfort 1-2 weeks before or during their menstrual period.
Early menopause
before age of 45, is also not uncommon and may take by surprise a woman who's been trying to conceive. Women who have been amenorrheic
Women often feel confused about just what this important passage will do to their lives and how they should approach it.
Menopause begins
Statistical investigations of menopause have provided us with some information concerning the average age of the menopause.
Menopause Information
Commonly known as the change of life it is the period in a woman's life when her reproductive capacity ceases the ovaries ceasing to mature ova
Menopause and climate
In Italy a warm climate frequently delayed the menopause. While women of the South reach sexual maturity and also lose their attractiveness earlier than women of the North.
Menopause and Culture
That the menopause in different races occurs at different ages has been known for a long time. Chinese women seldom menstruate longer than until the age of forty.

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